56 and still counting

Yvonne Leishman, Castlemaine
I was reared in Chewton until I came to Castlemaine to live 56 years ago. In that time I have been a ratepayer.
I wheeled my baby son down to the CBD along Ray, Bowden and Yandell Streets, not a decent footpath anywhere. So I either walked along the side of the road or walked through mud and wet grass.
In this shire we have roads close to town that have never been sealed. Gutters fill up with gravel, stones, bark and gum leaves each time we get heavy rain. So Mount Alexander get your head out of the sand, walk around the town, don’t drive, and see what needs doing with ratepayers’ money.
By the way, my son is now 54 years of age and things haven’t changed.

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