‘Assemble’ the answer?

Joyce Sanders, Castlemaine

I had Christmas lunch with a young couple who were about to move into ‘Community Housing’ in Kensington where there are apparently several
community housing models called ‘Assemble’ (assemblecommunities.com ) as part of the ‘Resilient Melbourne’ program. Probably everyone investigating our housing problems in Castlemaine knows about ‘Assemble’ and I’m the only one who somehow missed it. But just in case I’m not the only one, one moves in (after a lottery of applications) and rents for five years (to see if one is happy with the location, the people, etc) and then at the end of the five years, one has first option to buy at the price set five years previously. 
Presumably some ‘social housing’ could be in the application mix as well. I wonder if Castlemaine could be linked with the Assemble group to prevent us from having to re-invent the housing wheel?

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