Buda yarn bombed for traditional arts fair

They’re a mysterious lot the Bendigo Yarn Bombers.
Not disclosing their identity is part of the mystique behind their super colourful yarn based bomb “attacks” which often target prominent infrastructure and assets.
This time Castlemaine’s historic Buda Home and Garden was in their line of fire as they helped add a blast of their colour-filled, yarn-fueled fun to the imposing property as it gets set to host this Sunday’s Traditional Arts Fair.
“It was a surprise for us,” Buda secretary Pat Grumont said as the yarn bombers focused their bombing efforts on the Buda Garden Room where the results will now remain on display during this Sunday’s fair.
“But it’s and honour to be bombed,” Pat added.
Following the success of last year’s fair, Buda is again preparing to showcase traditional arts, cooking and gardening in the spirit of the creative Leviny family that once resided at Buda. Full story in today’s Castlemaine Mail, Friday, November 22, 2019

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