Buy Local, Buy Australian

Trevor A Scott, Castlemaine

Aaaah…….at last there are signs that the pandemic is abating and that restrictions are now to be systematically lifted. This is great news! We have closed our borders to overseas travel, and given the spread of the virus in other countries, it is wise that they remain closed, and that they do so until further notice.

The spread of the virus and the associated lockdown has led to an unprecedented rise in online sales of goods; and it has been reported that business is booming for multi-national companies such as Amazon. While people are unable to board a jetplane, this rise in overseas trade must be a saviour for the struggling airlines. I’m sure many precautions are taken, but the fact that the virus may continue to be spread from country to country via air freight, is a risk that may have been overlooked.

Australia produces many, many high quality goods, and will continue to do so in the future. This might be a great opportunity for us all to return to buying local and in particular, buying Australian.

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