Classic musical thriller comes to Castlemaine

Local theatre troupe Three’s A Crowd are in the thick of rehearsals as they prepare to present Stephen Sondheim’s musical masterpiece Sweeney Todd – The Demon Barber of Fleet Street at Castlemaine’s Phee Broadway Theatre.
The musical classic opens on April 20, running through to April 28, with both evening and matinee performances.
The two levels of ticketing include an option that comes complete with a pre-show ale and pie – in keeping with the narrative – with the pies supplied by the Guildford General Store.
“This is a different interpretation of this show,” director Matt Sheehan says.
“Lots of people know the movie – and it’s very different to the movie, and I think just the concept of having food beforehand and being immersive in the action is a really different concept for Castlemaine and a good one to be involved in.”
The Ballad of Sweeney Todd opens in Victorian London as two men disembark at the docks and greet their native homeland.
For young Anthony the sailor after years away, there’s no place like London, but for the other, Sweeney Todd, London is a hellhole in which all the vermin of the earth are gathered.
The tale unfolds as Sweeney Todd and his landlady, Mrs Lovett, carve up the folk of London – literally stuffing victim after victim into the pies sold from Mrs Lovett’s famous pie shop, all the while allowing Sweeney to have his revenge on those who killed his wife and stole his daughter.
“It’s really intricate music and more than 80 per cent of this musical is the music itself so it’s really rich and it sets the tone of the story,” says cast member Paul Waldron who plays Anthony the sailor.
Three’s A Crowd are working with a talented and musical cast from Castlemaine, Bendigo and beyond with Peter Hunt in the key role of Sweeney Todd and Penny Larkins as Mrs Lovett.
Supported by Rebecca Morton, Briega Young, Peter Bevin, Paul Waldron, Dan Sexton, Greg Pascoe, Alice Bottomley, Maddy Tyzzer and Monique Kerr, this production is set to transform the Phee Broadway Theatre with its classic stage storyline and sweeping musical score. Tickets are at the door and on line.


Sweeney Todd - The Demon Barber of Fleet Street cast member Rebecca Morton (playing the beggar woman) with production director Matt Sheehan, and Paul Waldon (playing the young sailor).

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