Colossal creations

A team of Castlemaine museum specialists, artists and technicians bid farewell to their latest creations this week – a full scale model of a 100 million-year-old Titanosaurus and a menacing predator of the deep – a Great White Shark.
The models were handcrafted right here in Castlemaine and will take pride of place in the main gallery of the brand new Western Australian Museum.
The 16 metre-long dinosaur, which would have weighed in at approximately 30 tonne, walked the earth in the Cretaceous Period. It has been reconstructed in collaboration with the Western Australian Museum, using a variety of methods including computer-generated imagery, engineering, and thousands of hours of hand-sculpting.  See the Mail for the full story. Out Now.

Nici Wright adds some finishing touches to Marigold’s teeth to give the impression she has just finished a tasty leafy meal.
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