Hans Paas, Castlemaine

Congratulations are in order for ‘Council declares climate emergency’ (Mail 20/12). As for Cr Petrusma’s worries about ” legal liability and financial implications” he may be relieved to know that this declaration will help our council in the event that its insurers seek to walk away from the various policies which indemnify claimants on those occasions that it is found to have done the wrong thing. This is prudent risk management. 
Now that the big insurance underwriters around the world are issuing dire warnings about the consequences of climate change on lives and property our council will have signalled that it is committed to best practice. We just need them to step up to the plate when it comes to banning the dangerous poison glyphosate, before our ratepayers are hit with the “legal liability and financial implications” that so
concern Cr Petrusma.

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