Creative means to motivate

With Parkruns and running comps on hold amid coronavirus, runners like Castlemaine’s Karina Taylor have been getting creative to keep their motivation surging on.

Together with Jane Harding, Karina co-directs Castlemaine’s much-loved Parkrun which, like Parkruns everywhere, is in limbo for now.
A keen and competitive distance runner Karina had also been happily anticipating heading off to Switzerland with her husband Glen, in early September to participate in the Ultra Tour Monta Rosa 100 km race in the Swiss Alps, while Glen tackled the 25km event.
But then Covid-19 struck and the much-anticipated Swiss event was cancelled.

“Yes it is fairly disappointing,” Karina says.
“Lots of other people have lost their races and experiences. There’s lots of disappointed people out there but we’ve just got to keep going.
“With a group in Castlemaine we started a May fitness challenge – Three K a day in May,” Karina laughs.
“That’s sort of trying to keep us all a bit motivated to get out there and keep exercising. See the Mail for more. Out Now.

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