Fancy Chooks take flight

Forget toilet paper, over the last couple of months the hot new Covid commodity has been chooks!
The Mail caught up with Newstead local and Farmers Market regular Graeme Elshaug of Fancy Chooks on Wednesday to chat about the demand for domestic birds and how loads of families and young couples have been flocking to local markets to purchase chooks for their backyards.

Graeme has had a passion for chooks since he was a youngster.
“My Nana Martin, my mum and her sisters had chooks and my mentor Jack McPherson got me started breeding pure bred Australorp when I was just nine,” Graeme said.
“My mum and I used to attend all the agriculture shows. Mum used to enter her flowers, preserves and cooking and I’d take my chooks.”

Fifty six years later that passion continues.
Graeme and business partner Bill Wouda have been run off their feet since just before the crisis hit.

You can catch Fancy Chooks at the monthly Castlemaine Farmers’ Market tomorrow at Western Reserve. See the Mail for the full story. Out Now.

The Welsummer hens lay a chocolate brown coloured egg.
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