Flu season hits home

More Castlemaine residents have been getting flu vaccinations this season with local health professionals also reporting a spike in the number of influenza cases so far this season.
Castlemaine pharmacists are among those reporting an increase in the number of people keen to get a flu jab in an effort to dodge the dreaded flu this season.
At Castlemaine’s Mostyn Street Clinic Dr Gavin Rowland reports an observable increase in flu cases this season with swab test results indicating it’s the A strain that’s been most prevalent locally.
“There’s been a lot of flu going through the town,” Dr Rowland said.
And while the flu arrived early this season, the raw numbers suggest it’s not just the early arrival that’s inflated the case load so far.
“I think it’s a genuine increase,” Dr Rowland said.
Practice nurse at Castlemaine’s Lyttleton street Clinic Jane Fitzgibbon says there have been more confirmed cases of influenza A locally this year – and more people wanting to be vaccinated against flu. Full story in today’s Castlemaine Mail …

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