Joyce claims 53!

Mount Alexander Golf Club stalwart Joyce Smith has claimed her 53rd Ladies Championship at the club.
The long time member claimed the win after the final round of competition on Tuesday this week once again writing her name in the history books – winning 53 championships in 55 years.

Fellow club member Jean Carmichael said its an incredible feat that may never be surpassed.
“It’s an amazing effort. We are extremely proud of Joyce and warmly congratulate her,” Jean said.

Joyce said playing at her beloved club has been a joy.
“I just love it. The people are the greatest you will find anywhere and the course is looking the best it has in years thanks to the hard work of our volunteers,” she said.

Joyce said the key to her success has been practice.
“I don’t mind practicing. In fact I really enjoy it. I think that if you want to be good at anything it takes practice,” the golfer said. See the Mail for more local sport news. Out Now.

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