Keeping the fun in keeping fit

The personal exercise regime of Barkers Creek based group fitness trainer Mandy Chilcott offers a great example of how to keep the fun in keeping fit.
In normal times, every week Mandy usually delivers her popular power bar strength classes through Castlemaine Group Fitness which also provides tabata classes for cardio fitness.

But since COVID-19 put all that on hold this local group fitness trainer has maintained a varied and enjoyable fitness schedule in her own life while finding other ways to remain connected to her regular class participants, helping to keep them motivated and healthy as well.

“I have a fairly regimented routine,” Mandy says.
“I meet with a friend every Saturday morning and we get on our mountain bikes and do a one-and-a-half to two hour ride.
“We generally ride in the Pinies along the Goldfields Track or the Baco. 
“Wednesdays I meet with another friend from Barkers Creek and we’ve got a one hour loop that we do on our mountain bikes. 
“And Mondays I meet with another friend who lives in Castlemaine and we’ll do a one-hour road ride.”

Mandy’s regular cycling routine in good company is proving a great way to stay fit and enjoy getting out and about while taking in the beauty of the local landscape, at the same time.
“It’s been awesome. It’s been my sanity,” she says. See the Mail for more. Out now.

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