Land offer for Castlemaine retirement vision

Moves to establish an affordable retirement lifestyle village for Castlemaine are gaining pace after an anonymous local landholder offered to donate a significant parcel of local land toward the vision.
A working group has now formed to progress what’s now hoped will become an affordable lifestyle village for retirement living on the outskirts of Castlemaine – near the Castlemaine Golf Club at Muckleford.
Members of the new working group include Castlemaine’s Ian Braybrook and Marilyn Bennett, Leon Thomas, Brendan Bassett, Yvonne and Neville Purchase, Peter Thompson and former local councillors Tony Bell and Robin Taylor.
“A well known local farming family has offered the land on the basis that we develop it as a retirement village,” said Mr Braybrook who, together with partner Marilyn Bennett, had earlier publicly decried the lack of affordable retirement living options for Castlemaine.
Mr Braybrook says the land parcel that’s been offered must now be rezoned and he and other working group members are calling on the council to expedite the process – something he notes is currently also being delayed by the coronavirus restrictions.

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