Lashings of gallows humour

Castlemaine Theatre Company is getting in touch with its darker side as it gets set to stage black comedy Frankenstein’s Children.
With a cast of 10 the latest production by the well loved local theatre group opens tonight, Friday May 17 and will run through to June 2 at the Phee Broadway Theatre. 
Director, Stephen Mitchell relates how impressed he was when he first saw Frankenstein’s Children staged during the Adelaide Festival.
“The writing is an actor’s dream,” Stephen says.
“It’s rooted in a historic reality and it has a political edge to it that is I think still absolutely relevant today.
“It’s 1832 in London. It’s the height of the industrial revolution, the birth of Capitalism, and the great irony of this story is that the great boom product is actually human bodies and I think there is something beautifully telling about that, about the rapaciousness of consumerism. Full story in today’s Castlemaine Mail …

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