Lush Lixouri

Lixouri, the beautiful Barkers Creek garden of Max and Margaret Beyer hums with life.
“With the rain we’ve been having the garden is thicker than it’s ever been. It’s been going berserk,” Margaret says.
Normally, she and Max would have been busy right now preparing to open Lixouri as part of the region’s popular biennial Festival of Gardens.
But while the pandemic has put paid to this year’s festival, some of the gardens involved are still hoped to open to the public, in some capacity, at least.
Named after the village of Lixouri on the Greek island of Chephalonia, Max and Margaret’s garden is one of these.
“We’re just forging ahead as if the festival was going ahead,” says Margaret.
Nestled in its Barkers Creek setting, Lixouri is a fine example of an established Mediterranean style garden complete with olive grove.
The couple’s limewashed mud-brick house is off grid, solar-powered and comfortably ensconced in garden terraces overlooking a pretty pond fringed with water iris, willow, birch and paper bark… Read more in the Castlemaine Mail 09.10.20

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