Only if it’s shifted

Maldon Vintage Machinery and Museum would be the best place for Thompson’s historic dive bell to be displayed – if the council proceeds with plans to shift it from Castlemaine’s Market Building, the Maldon attraction’s president says.
Alan Miller says the Maldon venue did not suggest that the historic dive bell, made by Thompsons of Castlemaine, should be moved – but was quick to suggest that if it were moved, it should be to join the significant collection of historic Thompson’s items already on display at the Maldon attraction.
“We heard that that the council was thinking of removing it out of there,” Mr Miller said. 
“We didn’t suggest that the dive bell come out of the Market Building but I think that if it comes out it should come here.
“The only other options are Thompsons themselves – or Flowserve (which took over Thompsons in 1995). But if it went to Flowserve no-one would ever see it because you can’t access the factory.
“The other one, the whisper I heard, was that it could go to the Mill. If it went to the Mill it would be going into private hands and if ever that was sold then the bell could be scrapped.
“We’ve got more of Thompsons here then what they have themselves,” said Mr Miller who is a retired Thompson’s toolmaker.
His comments come after a Mount Alexander Shire Council spokesperson last week confirmed that relocating the historic dive bell from the Market Building is being considered. More in the Castlemaine Mail, Friday, February 7, 2020.

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