Pick My Project

Castlemaine Library is one of the local entrants in the Pick My Project initiative. The library’s project idea is a simple one; it aims to fix the floor of the beautiful, historic building, install new carpet, and provide new, movable shelving and ‘way-finding’ signage for the entire library.
Castlemaine Library manager, Jess Saunders, says that the movable shelving would be of huge benefit to the way the spaces are used, enhancing flexibility and usability. For the full story see last Friday’s Castlemaine Mail.

In the local region 29 projects have been put forward by schools and community groups. We aim to feature some of those projects in the Mail over the coming weeks.
For more information on all the local projects and to vote visit pickmyproject.vic.gov.au, facebook.com/pickmyproject, or call 1800 797 818.

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