Proof is in the pud

Life is uncertain, eat dessert first – is a slogan beloved by many a sweet tooth.
In a year gnawed at by a global pandemic it’s a motto that appears to be going down particularly well with Castlemaine’s Pud For All Seasons.
Despite the vagaries spooned out by the pandemic, the local maker of traditional and contemporary puddings has recorded an impressive uptick in sales for the year.
“We’re up 40 per cent on demand for our sauces on last year and 25 per cent up on puddings,” Pud’s Karen Kelly says.
There was a worrying while when the local pudding manufacturer was unsure what impacts Covid might have on business.
“With so many people staying at home and taking up bread making and cooking we thought people might be all making their own puddings,” Karen said.
Instead the opposite has proven the case when it comes to pudding. Read more in today’s Mail…

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