Race the Train returns

Bike riders are bracing to take on the train in a contest of stamina against steam as the unique Race the Train event makes a return to Castlemaine and Maldon tomorrow.
After a hiatus last year the unique event is back with a full head of steam and a new management team – namely Melbourne based Sport Projects which has now taken on running the race.
“The core element of this event is fantastic. It’s super unique,” says Sport Projects managing director Steve Peterson who’s keen to see the 19 km bike VS train race grow in profile as a significant attraction.
Race the Train provides cyclists with a rare chance to race the vintage Victorian Goldfields Railway steam train on the 19km scenic course from Castlemaine to Maldon.
“We’d have more than 300 entries at this stage which is a good sign,” Steve told the Mail. Full story in today’s Castlemaine Mail, Friday, November 2019

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