State of Disaster declared

BREAKING: Premier Daniel Andrews has announced that a ‘State of Disaster’ will be declared in Victoria from 6pm tonight. Melbourne will move to Stage 4 lockdown tonight. Melburnians will be also subject to a curfew from 8pm to 5pm daily – starting tonight at 8pm. One person may leave home to shop daily within a five kilometres radius of their home.
Regional Victoria returns to Stage 3 lockdown from midnight Wednesday. Regional students will attend their final school day tomorrow. Tuesday will be a Pupil Free Day and regional students will return to remote learning from Wednesday. Vulnerable students will be able to attend school. Childcare remains open.
The lockdown will be in place for six weeks at this stage.
Premier Andrews said more needs to be done. At current trends we would not see lower numbers for four to six months. It is hoped the tougher restrictions will have a positive impact in a shorter timeframe.

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