Thank you all

I am senior solicitor in Melbourne pushing 57 and hoping that I might adorn the podium of the 2018 Tour de France in the Champs-Élysées in July. However, because of what happened on Sunday March 11, I might have to aim for July 2019.
I love coming to your neck of the woods, both as a cyclist and also as a general visitor. Both Kyneton and Woodend have some lovely cafes and places to look around and they are a perfect starting point for a trip up the famous Mount Macedon and the spooky Hanging Rock.
Of course, most of us velo-weaklings go the easy way up from the north whereas the toughies go the extraordinarily hard way up from the south from Gisborne direction.
On March 11, I came from Kyneton through the back roads and not along the freeway and then made my way up the ‘easy’ Mount Macedon Road.
Unfortunately for reasons that are not known to me, I decided to face plant myself at around about 75km/h over the handlebars onto the tarmac of the very steep downhill section of Mount Macedon.
I wish to write to say a very big ‘thank you’ to the many people who came to my aid at the time. I would say that there were about 10 people looking after me including a proper nurse and a proper policeman.
Thank you to everybody who helped me and I’ll be back again for another trip up Mount Macedon when my health resumes. It is a lovely neck of the woods and I will certainly be spending my few dollars on a lovely coffee and cake at one of the many wonderful little cafes there. Congratulations to your local community and thank you very much.

Glenn Hanafin, Docklands

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