Thanks to our wonderful businesses

Margaret Grey, Castlemaine

We appreciate all those businesses which have managed to stay open during the current crisis to keep our lives safe and comfortable e.g. medical practices, the post office, supermarkets, butchers, fruiterers, shops selling books, clothes, household items etc.

In addition great compassion is needed for all those cafe proprietors whose businesses have been so drastically affected by the covid virus. Some are closed, many are selling only take-away food and drink and nearly all of them are struggling financially.

Perhaps to keep our cafe culture going and vibrant we could give a thank-you card to every establishment we have enjoyed patronising- and even those we haven’t patronised yet. When we deliver a card we could also buy a coffee, cake, savoury snack or take-away meal.

Part of the reason we live in this area is the gregarious sociable atmosphere of local cafes so it is in our own interests to help these businesses survive and happily thrive.

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