When the going gets tough…

Walmer’s Jason Gray had been expecting to be in Japan around about now.
The local sixth dan black belt in Omoikiri Budo Kai karate had been preparing to attend the 125th anniversary of Dai Nippon Butoku Kai and the sixth World Butoku Sai as one of four karate representatives for Australia. 

“I was meant to confirm my grading there,” shares Jason who instructs in Omoikiri Budo Kai karate locally in Castlemaine and Maldon areas.
“It’s a demonstration from all around the world and part of that is certain people can apply for a grading. 
“But COVID put that to rest! 

“Their plan now is to put it off to the same timing next year – if travel is available.”
Like many local fitness leaders, this local martial arts instructor has had to adapt to the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic and has turned to technology to help maintain practice for students who can benefit from using the online format. See the Mail for the full story. Out Now.

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